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Monday, January 2, 2012

1 Fashion Icon At A Time ----> Olivia Palermo

I must admit the first time I saw Olivia was on the  MTV reality show The City and I totally hated the girl she was so vain but again it was just a show and she has absolute style

I love how she styles her Leopards Lace-Up Booties for this Fall/Winter season

Picture Credit: Intheircloset

Olivia doesn't follow fashion, Fashion Follows Olivia

Olivia is the Queen of Street Style isn't she?



Miriam Rodriguez Perez said...

Homework done, nice to meet you!

Ghizlane Harrak said...

Nice to meet you too Miriam! :o)



jimmi lou said...

She's got such great style. I miss her longer hair though!

sophie xxx said...

I do love her style,I've never seen a bad photo of her either :)

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