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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Style Crush ---> Jessica Alba

I can't help but see her as Max from Dark Angel, for you who do not know what I'm talking about, well Max Guevara is Jessica's breakthrough role in the sci-fi Dark Angel serie created by James Cameron she was such a badass in that serie I just loved her in it, Max was all 
 black leather getup plump lips perfect figure so sexy my teenage self envied her hahaha

Mrs Warren has come a long way since those days and her style keeps on getting better, the hot mom is in fact a style icon for women from all over the world I-HAVE-DONE-MY-RESEARCH-BELEIVE-ME Pinterest is full of jessica alba's style boards, her businesswoman-comfychic-edgyrock looks make her the perfect go to inspiration for every occasion.

The key to her style is to never overdo the girlie-sweet combo but to always add an edgy touch to it, as you can see in her day-to-day outfits or the red carpet choices Jessica always avoids the too glamorous ensembles and ties up her hair to shake things up.  

Sketches From #NYFW SS 2015

Augusto Graciano's Sketches from the New York Fashion Week SS 2015 are just beautiful, such talented young man!!

Michael Kors SS 2015

I'm in love with Michael Kors's Summer/Spring collection, it 's so feminine and flowery it makes you long for summer.

Feminine simplicity and modesty are the two expressions that come to mind when seeing this beautiful pieces.

I love it

Sunday, February 22, 2015

#Oscars 201#Redcarpet

I'm loving the lace dresses of both @giuilianaranci and @kellyosbourne so classy and feminine 

Live Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week #DORIN NEGRAU

How to wear a long dress/skirt in the winter

I'm so into long dresses and skirts these days it ain't funny!  I'm totally obsessed with them the more flowy the merrier, even these cold rainy days don't stop me from enjoying a pretty dress getup

Here are some of my personal how-to-rock-a-long-dress-in-the-winter favorites

With a sweater over it as you can see in the above picture or with a cardigan/Jacket and a belt wheter thin or thick the belt must accenturate your waist.

Or you can wear it with both a sweater and a cardigan if you're a slender p
erson; avoid this look if you have a more rounded figure because that could back fire and make you look a few pounds rounder than your real beautiful self.