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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

DIY Finds: Double Chain Bracelet

So I found this very cool DIY tutorial on studs and pearles 


The project is about a very cool Double Chain Bracelet with lanyard so here is the tutorial:


- Chain, twice the length of your wrist
- Lanyard, 1-4 colors
 - Scissors
- Jewelry pliers
- Jump rings
- Toggle or clasp closures

1) Cut two strands of lanyard, about 60 inches each

2) Fold both strands in half and tie a knot. Separate the strands like above; I used two colors so it'd be easy to follow along.

3) Fold the chain in half. Insert the two middle strands - one of each color/side - into the center link of the chain.

4) Take the outer blue strand and insert it directly through the next empty link. It should end up "behind" the chain.

5) Fold it over the chain and towards the left, and insert it through the next empty link. Keep repeating, and you'll end up with something like this. Make sure you pull pretty tight; the slippery finish of lanyard makes it likely to unwravel and loosen from the chain.

The chain might be kind of wonky while you'r doing this, but just keep on going. You can straighten everything out later.

6) Repeat until you reach the end of the chain.

7) Take the inner blue strand, and bring it under the chain and through the next empty link. I placed an arrow where the first "stitch" was.


8) Keep repeating until you reach the end of the chain. You'll want to pull tight like you did with the first strand, but make sure not to pull TOO tight. You'll later be weaving the neon green through the blue lanyard, in order to connect the two sides.

9) Take the outer strand of the second color - in this case neon green - and start weaving the lanyard through the chain. You're essentially repeating steps 4 and 5.

10) Repeat until you reach the end of the chain.

11) Taking the inner/second neon green strand, insert it through the next empty chain link. From here on you'll be inserting it through the adjacent blue stitch, then bringing it back into the chain.

I found it was a lot easier to work with upside down!

Green goes through the blue...

And then down through the next empty link.

Pull tight, and repeat.

12) When you're done with both sides, tie the strands off with tight knots, and trim.

13) Add the jump ring and bracelet closure of your choice.

14) Go back to the other side of the bracelet, unwravel the first knot you made and cut the two loops. Tie them off with tight knots and trim.

15) Add the other half of the bracelet closure
Finished bracelet.



Mik said...

quite creative. Good job!


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