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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Adapting Your Winter Wardrobe To Spring : Part 1

I have always considered the winter to spring transition to be the same as the fall to winter transition, the first one  is from cold to hot summer days and the second is from hot summer days to cold winter nights,  and these transitions can be both dangerous and tricky

Dangerous for your health as usual (speaking from personal experience) don't trust the sunny mornings and start wearing your colorful thin shirts and forget your jacket or coat at home, because when it's late on the evening it gets chilly outside proof that the winter has not surrendered and you would just freeze to the bones, so keep it real, 

The transaction is tricky because you have to keep warm while keeping fresh, so gather up your winter key/favorite items and let's begin

Your Favorite Jeans:

A good pair of jeans can be paired with almost anything and can suit every occasion perfectly here are some ex:

Fancy Lacy:

Sunny Day:

Jeans from MiH


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