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Thursday, January 9, 2014

1 Fashion Icon At A Time ----> Kelly Osbourne

We all witnessed the drastic change on Miss Oz´s wardrobe and nowtopnotch figure, the rebel rock child always had weight problems.

Yo-yo dieting caused extreme fluctuations in her weight. Kelly's unhealthy weight loss methods included everything from starvation to purging to diet pills, and every dramatic slimdown was followed by weight gain which lead her to depression and drugs. 

The now Fashion Police star used to have a punk rocker anti-social attitude going on, with the crazy haircut and colours, not to mention the ghost paleness that could clear a wide path for her through any crowd!
Thankfully those times were left behind and from the Fashion criminal dare I say was born a Fashion Icon, who sports $250,000 manicure, and sets trends.

Here are some of her most shining moments: 


  BTW. I LOVE LOVE.... her hair.

xx Loves.


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