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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Style Crush ---> Jessica Alba

I can't help but see her as Max from Dark Angel, for you who do not know what I'm talking about, well Max Guevara is Jessica's breakthrough role in the sci-fi Dark Angel serie created by James Cameron she was such a badass in that serie I just loved her in it, Max was all 
 black leather getup plump lips perfect figure so sexy my teenage self envied her hahaha

Mrs Warren has come a long way since those days and her style keeps on getting better, the hot mom is in fact a style icon for women from all over the world I-HAVE-DONE-MY-RESEARCH-BELEIVE-ME Pinterest is full of jessica alba's style boards, her businesswoman-comfychic-edgyrock looks make her the perfect go to inspiration for every occasion.

The key to her style is to never overdo the girlie-sweet combo but to always add an edgy touch to it, as you can see in her day-to-day outfits or the red carpet choices Jessica always avoids the too glamorous ensembles and ties up her hair to shake things up.  


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